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Also known as an "Office Sharing Agreement"
An association of two or more practitioners who maintain independent practices pursuant to a shared expense agreement. The parties may share staff; equipment, a shared “identity” to patients but typically each has a separate patient base.
  1. Form of Agreement
    a. Complete written document / signed/ dated
  2. Relationship of Parties
    a. Combine practice – one identity to patients
    b. Separate practice- separate identities to patients
  3. Terms of Agreement
    a. Compensation – separate tracking of production / collections
    b. Benefits – combines / separate [insurance]
    c. Duties / responsibilities of each party
  4. Taxes
    a. Combines or separate
  5. Expenses
    a. Combines / separate
    b. Shared [rent, inventory, lab, utilities, telephone, computer, postage, some staff]
    c. Separate [some staff, insurance, promotional]
    d. Pay via joint operating account or cut separate checks
  6. Ownership Interests
    a. Patient records / computer data- clearly identify and keep separate
    b. Equipment, supplies, telephone number [consider separate lines]
  7. Income / Production / Collections
    a. Mechanics / bookkeeping / records / billings
  8. Management Duties
    a. Co-equal as to shared staff
    b. Separate for separate staff
  9. Insurance – Malpractice / Office / Workers Comp / Overhead / Disability
    a. Insurance costs
    b. Insurance- cross verification
    c. Indemnification – cross
  10. Lease
    a. Both parties named
  11. Termination / Death / Disability / Sale / Option to Purchase / Right of First Refusal
  12. Covenant Not to Compete
    a. Valid for sale of practice / goodwill – Business and Professions Code Section 16600, et seq.
  13. Anti-Solicitation Clause
    a. Valid as to separately identified patients
    b. Mechanics
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