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Practice Loans

The vision and health of your practice is as vital as the vision of your patients. As your practice grows, Vision One Credit Union is here to help you succeed. We specialize in first practice loans, practice acquisition, equipment loans, remodeling, relocating, and expansion. We understand the challenges you face as an independent optometrist. That's why our products and services are designed to help you achieve your goals at every stage of your career from entry to practice ownership, to wealth building and exit.

Getting the financing you need for your practice should be easy. So get started today with Vision One Credit Union's Commercial Lending BusinessCenter™. It takes just a few minutes to start your business loan request. Simply provide information about you and your practice in four steps.

  1. Answer simple questions about yourself

  2. Share simple information about your business

  3. Answer questions around the loan you need

  4. Provide financing information

Entry To Practice Ownership

Do you want the freedom, challenge and opportunity to run your own practice? Vision One can help you realize your dream. We developed VISION LOANS®, a venture with industry leaders VSP and Essilor, featuring special rates and terms for First Time Practice Buyers. Practice buyers can count on us to clarify the acquisition process and provide tools such as "Practice Acquisition Guidelines" and cash flow estimation worksheets.


Special Financing Programs for First Time Buyers:

  • Helps new buyers overcome the student debt and no assets hurdle
  • Special terms reduce transition risk and increase the probability of success
  • Allows entry to practice ownership almost immediately after graduation via our Partnership Buy-in program

First Practice Acquisition financing available for:

  • Down Payment
  • Full Practice Purchase
  • Partial Purchase (Buy into a Partnership or Corporation)
  • Refinance of original acquisition or start-up loans

As a new owner, you will be taking deposits day one. Let us help you establish your Vision One 20/20 Business Checking Account. We can guide you through electronic settlement, payroll and merchant services, online banking and the cash management your practice will need.


Building Wealth 

Already own your practice? Are you ready to increase practice value and build personal wealth? The key is a viable practice growth and personal financial plan.


Our Private Banking Services include access to leading industry professional resources for:

  • Practice Valuation
  • Practice Growth planning and implementation
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment counseling and services

We provide financing for your practice growth:


Exit Strategies

Do you prefer to continue to practice and ease into retirement, but aren't sure how? Or, are you ready to sell your practice and retire? Vision One has options to help you retire on your own terms.

Partial Practice Sale: Partnership Interest or Corporation Stock Sale

If you are ready to slow down, but want to continue to create practice value, consider the benefits of selling a minority interest in your practice. This strategy allows you to lock in your successor and retain control of you practice. Avoid the common problem of reduced practice value upon retirement. Vision One offers partial interest financing for your potential successor through our Partnership/Corporate Stock Buy-in (Partial Practice Interest) loan program.

Full Practice Sale

If you are ready to sell your practice and retire, Vision One's extensive experience can help you recongnize what to expect during the sale process in order to avoid common obstacles. You will be able to communicate more effectively with potential buyers to achieve peak value. We can help you understand:

  • Practice cash flow
  • Buyer requirements
  • How to prepare your practice for sale
  • Your part of the loan process
  • Transition planning




Vision One Credit Union does not endorse and disclaims any responsibility for, any consultant, product or service it does not directly provide.