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Payroll Services

Payroll services provide a comprehensive business solutions that are accurate, confidential, and affordable. Services are provided by third party affliates.

Taxpay - Make all of your payroll tax deposits electronically, so that you don't have to remember to calculate, to sign or when to send in your payroll tax returns. Additionally, the liability for the timeliness and accuracy of your tax deposit and returns is no longer on your shoulders.   

Employee Pay Options - Employees can enjoy the benefits of direct deposit regarless of their banking situation. If some employees prefer live checks they can come pre-signed and sealed in case you are not there on pay day. 

Time and Labor Solutions - The IRS reports an annual savings of $602.00 per employee by putting a time keeping system in place. Employees are given badges to clock in and out and you can pull helpful reports such as an "approaching overtime" or "missed punch" report. The hours can seamlessly integrate into your payroll system. Just review and make any changes and submit your completed payroll. 


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