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Federal Tax Payment Processing

Do you need assistance processing your 940 and 941 quarterly Federal Tax payments?

Vision One offers this free service to our members with our 20/20 Business Checking accounts. All you need to do is:
  • Send us a completed Internal Revenue Service Form 8655. This form can be found on the IRS website or via the link provided.  
  • When your application is approved, simply e-mail, fax, or send us a secure message through online banking with the amount, type of tax and the applicable quarter. We will automatically deduct the payment from your Vision One checking account and process your request.    
  • Note: Once your IRS Form 8655 has been submitted to the IRS, we will get notification within 10 business days that your application is approved. Any tax payments that are requested will take 2 - 3 days not including holidays or weekends to process. 

    It's that easy with Vision One!